Senang kirow...


Last two weeks had been tough for me... and I really mean it.

Instead of giving full attention to study as it should be, I bumped into an unexpected situation. I think that I could serve better, however, I become an oversensitive man. I think that I can overcome the obstacles, but it seems that I'm just dreaming.

I barely can handle negative responses, as I didn't see that coming at all. Well, Good thinkers should anticipate negative response.

The end-semester examination result was a big slap to me, and my friends. Alhamdulillah, it was a bless actually, as most of us have awake, rise together with new powerful spirit. The fire starts to burn again in the eyes. Hopefully, the new atmosphere stays until the final combat although sometimes it makes me creepy.

Last week, the war just ought to spark, between the XX and XY. At first, when the promise seemed to be broken, I felt guilty for a side, at the same time, angry to other side. I wish that I wasn't there, having my heart exploded furiously which turned into ice cream vanilla, mixed with raspberry flavour, not less than half an hour after. The mixed feelings worsen, as I now felt guilty for both sides, but do not know elsewhere to throw the angry feeling away. Double, I didn't see them coming. Or should I blame myself ?

Mixed feeling, like FdUMP-thymidylate synthase complex... eVEn more complex as it involves people... People whom you are trying to appreciate, or at least have a good relationship with them.

This week, my rage is totally out of control. Of course, It's not scary though, but it's a complicated matter to handle. Should or should not I become angry ? Here comes the mixed feeling again. Oh no !

Part of life, looks bad, or is it a hidden bless... ?

Is it choral speaking or dikir barat ?

p/s : Here the answer, Western Choral as Mr J said.